Dutch Design Week part 2

Today I visited the Klokgebouw area where various materials and designs are on display. There I found a prototype of an inseminating device that acts as a sex game as well.

“Vruit” is a sex toy set for self-insemination that offers an alternative to clinical insemination by medical professionals. The use of Vruit allows for a sensual and relaxed choreography for all involved, from sperm donation to the actual insemination.

Then, found a device that reduces pelvic pain before penetration. All this displayed in a very elegant, almost casual way.
I saw some beautiful car designs, old style but completely renovated just near this exhibition.

The Pelvic People. Seksueel Welzijn Nederland
New Order of Fashion

I went to Microlab,these where I also saw models and materials made into chairs or carpets with designs. All highlighting the concept of circularity. In addition, I could see clothing designs using plant materials and creating different colours. All these is supporting initiatives to help CO2 neutral production and use of sustainable materials.

Waste Base. At WasteBase, we are committed to building a circular economy by transforming residual materials from manufacturing processes into valuable, sustainable products. 

I find sustainable and CO2 neutral designs, as well as designs for improving health.

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