Consultancy: Business development for sustainable companies

Companies strive to become sustainable using technology and reports as tools. To get benefits inside this competitive sector is needed representatives and actions to meet the international challenges.

FlyingWineWriters offers a 1-year plan for intenational companies which obviously can be extended. It is personalized for wine production companies and professionals as well.

Program for 1-year

  • 1 introduction meeting and presentation of your company and goals.
  • 10 online meeting to work on your strategy.
  • 4 online meeting about the business programme. Insight in topics such as sustainability, circular economy and climate change.
  • 2 supportive online training to generate reports.
  • Content platform projects evaluation and report of pre and post-implementation.



  • Support business development as comercial assisstant explainning sustainable projects to investors.
  • Support investigations for commercial decitions, collecting sources and experiments related to the subjects.
  • Manage a sustainable project for education, for instance: online course or website creation.


Paula Rook, project creator at, e-mail:

Language available for the program: Dutch, English and Spanish.

Paula Rook CEO FlyingWineWriter