Dutch Design Week 2023 part 1

I went to the press centre, where I received my badge and two ELLE magazines for decoration. One was about the materials of the future and the other about design trends. Then I quickly went to the basement of Area 51, where I could hang up a piece of paper with a dream on it. There, all the participants wrote something, e.g. that they wanted to see their children happy, a home without chaos, an end to war and world peace. I won’t reveal my dream, but my dreams have always focused on creating value for future generations.

AI can make articles.
This software can make in a few second an article for a newspaper.

Continuing with the exhibitions, I could interact with a programme to detect if I was really listening to what they were saying in a conversation. I was supposed to be empathetic and not give solutions or minimise the problem. I repeated this 3 times until the program left me with no complaints. Later, I wrote a text generated by artificial intelligence where I could even choose the formatting style. I thought it was a strange article, personally I wouldn’t believe what it said. In the end, I went to see how under a forest the trees were communicating. It was a representation of nature, showing a great capacity for self-protection in case of danger.

Every participant writes their dreams
A wall where all dreams are posted.

Finally, I went to Klokgebouw, where I saw a project to design 10 hectares of Dutch soil with all the existing sustainable standards, such kind of ideal production land. Then, I saw a call for a world without cigarette smoke and a machine that generated poems with my picture.

This presentation shows a summary of the event, explaining the main lines of what people can discover.

It was a rainy day, crowded even until the end of the event. Many people gather in the middle of Strijp-S to listen to music and eat or drink.

Storage System
This design tells about how to storage information and take care of it putting all together in categories.

This year, comparing to 2022, I feel real interaction thanks to writing activities and use of games. I could explain my opinion of the concept freely and objectively.

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