Dutch Climate Scenarios

The Koninklijke Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut, KNMI, has recently published four climate scenarios for the Netherlands. Those scenarios are the result of the levels of emissions which are low or high. The key figures are the numbers for an average climate change in a period of 30 years.

The variables used are nine: temperature, sea level, precipitation, drought, evaporation, humidity, solar radiation, fog and wind. The scenario can be drying or humid. Moreover, the time horizons are 2033, 2050, 2100 and 2150.

For instance, I am interested in the future scenario in 2050 when the emissions are moderate or high. The results for the variable sea level are: +27 (19-38)cm for high emission scenario changing at a rate of +5 (4-8) mm/year.

Table  1. Key figures KNMI

Which is then the calculation for the scenario in 2050 with the variable temperature with high emission ? Get the answers on KNMI.

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