The rol of Naturalis and global biodiversity research

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Naturalis celebrates in 2020, 200 years from his creation. Nowadays, it has a vision which position them as the most important center for investigating biodiversity in the world. They see biodiversity as the key tool for solving a great number of issues in the world. A large collection of objects and digitalization of this collection is part of their effort to achieve the Planetary Biodiversity Mission. In the plan from 2017-2020 we will see a list of projects and networks such as NERN in ecology and evolution.


If you read the last report from Global Biodiversity 2019 (IPBES), you find for example: The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The information is enorm and gives you an idea about the complexity and level of reseach they do. You will be impress.

I found the interactive tool “footprintnetwerk” one of my favoriets. You need to understand the values and interpretate what is really going on in those countries. It opens questions on your mind and let you compare data with reality.


Another important website I have to mention is the “wetenschapsagenda” or Reseach Agenda. It covers the 25 most important routes of the questions of science, society and economy in The Netherlands. One of the routes is sustainable production of healthy and secure food.  We see also the sustainable development goals for inclusive world development.

OIV has a report about funtional biodiversity in the vineyard 2018. I think is fine to see the information from their perspective.

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