What is the EU Organic Action Plan 2021-2027?

By Paula Rook

The Organic Action Plan has three key challenges. The first of them is about how to create demand for organic fruit and vegetables and increases consumer trust. The idea is to continue using the EU logo which seems to be recognized by consumers as a quality standard. Promoting organic food into schools meals and workplace canteens active consumption too. Another idea is that Member States lower VAT rates for organic fruit and vegetables and takes measures such as removing reduced rates on pesticides as agricultural inputs. In the private sector employees can be rewarded with bio-cheques to buy organic food.

The second challenge is to reinforce the entire value chain and stimulate conversion. The EU wants to provide a comprehensive overview of the sector and to support the conversion they will increase the CAP (common agricultural policy) budget of Euro 38-58 billion. A group certification will be introduced and new business models such as Bio-Districts. Finally, include algae as an alternative protein for animal feed.

EU Algae

The third challenge is to improve the contribution of organic to environmental sustainability. Here is important to include circular economy as a way of thinking. For instance: increases the use of renewable energy, clean transport and use of bio-based materials. Organic production increases biodiversity and their management practices contribute to climate change mitigation.

The EU wants to achieve the ambitious target of 25% of agricultural area under organic farming and a significant increase in organic aquaculture by 2030. Nowadays, is operating also the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy and the Farm to Fork Strategy together with the Zero Pollution Action Plan. And finally, let me remember that the EU will by 2050 be Carbon Neutral. By 2030 the market share of organic agriculture should reach between 15% and 18% of agricultural land, according to some sources.

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Full text: Organic Action Plan

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