Status of glyphosate in the EU

On Dutch television the news about new studies of the relation between Parkinson disease and use of pesticides such glyphosate are hot topic. The EU has to decide the continuity of its use for the next 10 years. The study concluded: “Environmental factors, such as exposure to pesticides and trichloroethylene are associated with a higher …

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Footprint management

SAP and Climate Partner for sustainability

SAP training courses schedule provides a list of subjects really exciting to study about sustainability. From the list of 90 courses I selected the following because it has to do with footprint and sustainability in general. I also found free online events from Climate Partner: Wageningen University offers free courses as well. I am interested …

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Nieuw Amsterdam

Column Rotterdam

By Jan Rook On the day that we submit to the tyranny of commerce surrounding Mother’s Day with its accompanying flowers, boxes of chocolates and perfumes – the packaging of which is often worth more than the content – Feyenoord plays the championship match. Rotterdam has a special meaning for me. It was there on …

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New ideas for 2023: sustainability

Sustainability has been the magic word used to support new generations. As an example, the past exposition about sustainability at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven shows examples of how companies around the world are committed to these subjects. I discovered a company called Firm of the Future that offers education to become a transition …

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The European Wine World

Starting in 2022 in The Netherlands is a real relief, as Covid-measures were gradually phasing out. In february, a new wine season kicked off with the glory of Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris. On social media, the atmosphere is optimistic until President Putin begins his speech about Ukraine. It is a nightmare for humanity. Tension …

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