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Marketing & Communications studies in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands I am following the study HBO marketing & communications at Schouten & Nelissen University of Applied Sciences, Suas. My programme has a mix of coaching, self study and formal classroom in Utrecht at the Business Center Nederland BCN.

For my certification, I have to write three documents in Dutch language. The first document is a marketing and communication improvements plan, the others two documents are descriptions of my learning process and methods to create my marketing and communication plan.

The first two classes we were working on the internal and external analysis. I wrote a vision and mission, marketing & communication strategy and then I select a couple of methods for analysis. I study the Communicational Canvas of Michel, for the structure of my report and apply the SWOT-analysis and Confrontation Matrix for the external analysis.

Furthermore, I review the term Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity en Ambiguity, VUCA. A term coming from the theory of Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus. Introduced in the US Army College to describe the world after the Cold War. Later, I review the Sustainability Brand Index and check the reports.

I read now about Corporate Communication in the book marketing and communication, included in the cursus material. My approach is to apply the 7S-model of McKinsey for the internal analysis and the DESTEP-analyse to know about the context en trends where an organisation works. In the final chapters I review more about marketing instruments, content strategy, and contact with the media.

My objective is to apply this knowledge in my company and later in the wine sector, to make online marketing plans.

An amazing experience until now in Utrecht.

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