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By Paula Rook

ProChile from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs develops a new import requests service: One Click Import. When you complete the form, it will contact you with one of their 56 offices around the world to provide you with a list of Chilean companies eager to meet you. Chile is the largest producer of the region in 2021, with wine production peaking at 13.4 mhl, the highest volume recorded in 20 years, with a 30% increase compared to its 2020 level. We are going to see how to find the best fine wines in Maule Region. Are you looking for wines to import? Today I present an overview about Maule Region.

Maule is the biggest wine-producing region from Chile. On the video below they show you the landscape in Maule.

Ruta del Vino Valle del Maule

In Maule Region is produced 435.6 million liters of wine in 2020 with Denominacion de Origen D.O.. It represents 49 percent of the total D.O. wine produced in Chile. Located in the Central Valley of Chile enjoys Mediterranean Climate. You find two wine valleys Curicó and Maule.

A. Curicó Valley has the largest number of wineries open to tourism. The region features a broad diversity of volcanic and alluvial soils, with loamy and clay textures, and with different contents and levels of moisture retention. Likewise, the annual rainfall of 600 mm that primarily occurs in the winter months, creates a vital balance between the vigor of the plants and the production of healthy grapes. These conditions especially facilitate the production of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, which are the main varieties planted in the Valley.

B. Maule Valley has the largest planted area of vineyards in Chile, with more than 34 thousand hectares of white and red grapes, of French origins such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Also heritage varieties such as País and Moscatel. It has the sub-valleys: Cauquenes and Loncomilla.

Cauquenes Valley is located on the inner side of the Coastal Mountain Range, an area known as interior coastal rainfed.  As early as  1890 the first Superior School of Viticulture and Enology was created, which carried out one of the first national registers of the patrimonial vines, detecting at that time the grapes País, Muscatel, Aramon, Cinsault and Carignan, preserving to date about 400 hectares of Carignan. Famous are the sweet wines of this area such as the Asoleados and Mistelas, which were already exported to Europe and the United States by 1850.

Loncomilla Valley has a high percentage of the País variety introduced by the Spanish during the period of the conquest more than 400 years ago. It is used the Gobelet vine system with a high plantation density.

Map 1. Maule Region in red.

Extra Information

  • Wines with Denominación de Origen D.O. can add Andes, Entre-Cordillera and Costa. Rauco, Sagrada Familia, Talca, Pencahue, San Rafael, San Javier, Villa Alegre, Parral, Retiro, Linares, Longaví and Cauquenes are located in the category Entre-Cordilleras. Romeral, Molina, San Clemente and Colbún are located in the category Andes. On on the SAG Servicio Agricola Ganadero website are more details. You can also visualize the areas on the map below or list here:
  • Wine made with Cinsault or País grapes variety can be label D.O. especial Secano Interior only if it comes from the areas: Rauco, Romeral, Molina, Sagrada Familia, Talca, Pencahue, San Clemente, San Rafael, San Javier, Villa Alegre, Parral, Linares, Cauquenes. Also Chillán, Quillón, Portezuelo, Coelemu o Yumbel however they are not in Maule region.
1. Sustainable Certification: Sustentavid Echeverria, Los Nogales, Miguel Torres, Sur Valles Wine Group Viña Requingua. Balduzzi, Invina, Terranoble has also V-Label. Bouchon Family Wines, Loncomilla Cooperative.
2. VignoGillmoreBouchon Family Wines
3. Organic Certification: Ecocert, EU-bio Siegel or USDA Organic Miguel Torres Ándica Carmenere.

Organic Carmenere from Lautaro. Fair Trade.
Bouchon Family Wines (certification in process) Bouchon Family Wines (certification in process)
4. VidsecaViña Don Heraldo
Table 1. Overview Certifications and Organisations. Source: Descubre el Maule, list of wine companies 2021 per region and sub-region.
Certified Sustainable Wine of Chile

Descubre el Maule webpage makes it easy to find a wine company. And when you are clear about your choice fill in the form One Click Import for more information.

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