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Starting in 2022 in The Netherlands is a real relief, as Covid-measures were gradually phasing out. In february, a new wine season kicked off with the glory of Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris. On social media, the atmosphere is optimistic until President Putin begins his speech about Ukraine. It is a nightmare for humanity. Tension is high on the market and this episode in history is all over my head on a daily basis.   


Omicron did not cause mass hospitalizations, and the vaccination rate in the Netherlands is high among the vulnerable population. Three doses were given to us in total, although a fourth dose is currently being prepared for people over 70 years old. While masks are still mandatory to use on public transportation and in hospitals and are recommended in crowded rooms, they are no longer used in stores and supermarkets. A mask and QR-code are not required for you to attend sport classes and restaurants.   

Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris

The wine tasting is as enjoyable as usual for me, even though I had to walk around with a mask. Everyone is delighted to return to wine tasting, present their wines, and discuss them face-to-face. It marks the start of 2022 with optimism and new subjects such as organic wine production, climate change, sustainability, supply change challenges, and digital innovation.   

The hostility associated with alcohol abuse and cancer seems to be important for health organizations. Even though people know all the facts about alcohol, they are still playing with their health. They should move the category to restricted as they did with harmful products such as tobacco. People could purchase all types of drinks online instead.  With climate change, sustainability is ideal for protecting nature, while organic practices are crucial for those who can get subsidies and have the conditions for healthy vine growth.  

War in Ukraine

Humanity is living in a nightmare. We were already coming out of a crisis, and now Russia’s president Putin wants to increase his power by taking over Ukraine. People are currently fleeing to Poland, Romania, Hungary, Moldavia, and Tchegoslovakia. The news of the Chernobil fire and the response by the EU, USA, and Canada have put us on alert. Stopping the war seems impossible. We face increased prices for energy and food, however the community seems to be in balance. A hot topic is the high cost of health care and housing.  

The European wine world

The current economic climate is not ideal for the wine industry. While the war in Ukraine will eventually end, the economy will take years to recover from pandemy. Climate change, rising prices, and health concerns have made it difficult to sell wine as it was two decades ago. A hot topic for increasing sales is e-commerce.  

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