E-Learning on wine education

E-learning on wine education

By Paula Rook

For the past three years, online training has been used to engage customers with a certain product. It is not new in other areas apart from wine. Buying online has never been such easy as today. For this reason, e-learning programs are a great opportunity for wine companies.

The two online programs I want to review are the School of Port from Symington and the Discovering Bourgogne Wines. I selected them because access is easy and the information can be seen without downloading files. Only the School of Port offers certification.

  • School of Port: A serie of videos including information about the Douro valley, production, ageing, storing, serving and pairing. When you have seen all the series it gives you access to the test. English and Portuguese language platform. They divide the courses in two: The essentials video courses ( 2 hours to complete) and workshops for wine trade professionals ( after request).
  • Discovering Bourgogne Wines: A summary of the most important facts about Bourgogne, including material in pdf format to download. Every section has a test. The most interesting part is in my opinion giving the right advice for wine pairing. Four languages available.

How to start with an e-learning strategy? Both programs were presented in social media channels and featured in the press. The goal is to engage with wine lovers and professionals worldwide. School of Port asks you to be registered and encourages you to follow Instagram, Youtube, and newsletters. It is also linked to Symington in particular; while Discovering Bourgogne Wines is focused on a region. It is easy to implement using different interfaces available on the market.

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