Dutch Design Week part 4

I was able to see two more exhibitions which made a big impact on me because of the social content. The first one was at El Perron. There I saw an exhibition in which they talked about the essence of feeling good using the Flow technique. Here they set up a waterfall that ended up evaporating.

A designer created a chair that allows for easy repair by replacing the parts, rather than being thrown away. Then, someone designed a prosthesis for women who have suffered breast cancer and placed it in the bra. The idea is that the design is created by the woman herself and so she can go through this trauma with greater peace of mind. There was also an ID card that changes its photo from female to male and vice versa with movement.


I signed a contract with an artist who does not agree to lead a busy life. Rather, I gave more value to those moments where there is no time and disconnection from the phone. Next door, there was a Turkish-inspired design for coffee. The idea was to emphasise that with the excuse of having a coffee, you could communicate better with another soul. And finally, someone designed a plaster object with some sounds.

Finally, I went to see textile projects, where the symbolism in their creations was very important, to deliver a message to identify with.

The sky is the mirror. Mia Lehtonen Madsen.

I went to see the design of graduation projects. There were very environmentalist projects like a kitchen full of water contaminated by algae. Others were more technical, like programming an image to be projected on a screen to the rhythm of piano music. I liked the human aspects as in the combination of objects-nature.

To sum up, I think that today there were dialogues between the objects and the spectator. In addition, there were a lot of pro-environmentalist works.

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