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Adaptation Gap report 2023

Studies indicate that US$16 billion invested in agriculture per year would prevent about 78 million people from starving or chronic hunger because of climate change impacts. Climate extremes are already causing significant loss and damage, and this trend will continue despite even the most effective adaptation and well before anticipated limits to adaptation have been …

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Status of glyphosate in the EU

On Dutch television the news about new studies of the relation between Parkinson disease and use of pesticides such glyphosate are hot topic. The EU has to decide the continuity of its use for the next 10 years. The study concluded: “Environmental factors, such as exposure to pesticides and trichloroethylene are associated with a higher …

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The European Wine World

Starting in 2022 in The Netherlands is a real relief, as Covid-measures were gradually phasing out. In february, a new wine season kicked off with the glory of Vinexpo Paris and Wine Paris. On social media, the atmosphere is optimistic until President Putin begins his speech about Ukraine. It is a nightmare for humanity. Tension …

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Vegan Movement

The vegan movement: which wine to drink?

Since the time when the discussion about climate change received much more attention. We hear more and more that substitutes for meat and animal-derived food, in general, are increasing. The alternatives to cow milk and meat are the most popular. The idea of a Mcplant hamburger or soya milk is now a hot topic. Protein …

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What is the EU Organic Action Plan 2021-2027?

By Paula Rook The Organic Action Plan has three key challenges. The first of them is about how to create demand for organic fruit and vegetables and increases consumer trust. The idea is to continue using the EU logo which seems to be recognized by consumers as a quality standard. Promoting organic food into schools …

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