Wine region Island Krk: wine production, geography, culture and sustainability approach

By Paula Andrea Rook

This is my third time visiting Croatie which I found a wonderful stay. This time I pay attention to how they are developing together with European Union.

My time on the Island was about four weeks starting 1th july. I went by car passing through Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia. I must pay toll for Switzerland and Slovenia. When arriving in Croatie, I must wait behind several cars to show my passport. They have the Kuna and not the Euro valuta, and you must pay in Kuna because it is relative much cheaper.

After crossing the board, I visited Rovinj. There is a lot to do over there, from going in a boat to visit other islands, or walking around the old Rovinj. Mainly you found tourist coming from Germany, at least this is what I saw all the time. In this part of the island you find vineyard as well, however I did not see any wine route or wine tasting.


The language is seriously very complicated, difficult to remember and it has little similar with Latin or German language. I think this is a problem if you want to communicate a wine region internationally. Later, I did enjoy restaurants and the way they handle a guest.

I was surprise for example about how they react to critics. For example, I order a beer which was warm, without foam. I only say, that it has to be cold. As an answer, they did not recognice my point of view, they say that it is always being like this. Second, I wonder, why they serve me Cabernet Sauvignon. They are not good in making this type of wine;  they should sell me something unique from the region, instead of disappointing me. Finally, I conclude that they do not like much serving people, I remember I need some water while using the computers at the front desk office in an hotel. They did not have water available and send me to get water in the rest room. I say of course, no.

Only paying with Kunas, makes me feel coming back in the time. As the economy is not growing at the speed I am used in the rest of Europe. Imagine, that if you want to rent a house close to the beach;  you need change from Euro to Kuna, you will lose money making such transation. Next, when visiting a supermarket you still use many plastics bags for shopping. Moreover, people smoke inside coffee and dining rooms.


It is difficult to see their policy for sustainable food production and the language blocks any intention to see  labels and specifications. I think they do not care about cutting meat consumption or lowing CO2 production. In every corner around the island, you see a pig on the grill. Driving an old car liberating gas emissions, looks to be part of the life style.

After my stay in Rovinj, I went to Baska, Pula, Vrbnik and Krk. I made a drone video over Baska and Vrbnik. Amazing landscape, huge vineyards over there.  While making my drone fly, appears a large snake in the vineyard. She runs away hopely. I was really scared. Imagine I am harvesting and in between the snake jumps. I found big spiders and agressive mugs as well. The last ones,  damages my legs skin heavily.

In Vrbnik, I walk around the small town and found tasting rooms. I bought four bottles of sparkling wine: Volomet Brut Nature traditional methode . It was really tasty, and fresh for  the warm season.


The most amazing about Krk is the clear blue water, perfect for swimming. You need a boat licence  to experience yourself the wonderful colors and geography. It is a real heaven for your eyes.

As conclusion, I recommend visiting Croatia; particularly Island Krk as a wine region, however you do not understand the language and their life style looks to remain in the past. They are not at the speed of the rest of Europe. I think it has potential in terms of wine production and tourism, because they have been improved their winemaking proces. They should at least hire Dutch people to teach them about hospitality and service as well.

Reactions:, Paula Andrea Rook.

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