New ideas for 2023: sustainability

Sustainability has been the magic word used to support new generations. As an example, the past exposition about sustainability at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven shows examples of how companies around the world are committed to these subjects. I discovered a company called Firm of the Future that offers education to become a transition manager in sustainability in six days of training. More and more, you hear about sustainability reports. However, this concept is relatively new. I remember that 15 years ago, nobody cared about CO2 emissions.

On a map of biodiversity around the world, you don’t see the Netherlands in a green. Food production here under these climate conditions and restrictions looks challenging for every farmer. Every time I turn on the television, I see a report about the nitrogen crisis, which is old news.

There was a time, just before the war, when food transition was a fascinating topic. Nowadays, we are much more interested in inflation. Last week, a cauliflower cost 5.98 euros in the Netherlands. The energy crisis is more important than food transition, which is a concept developed to optimize food production and consumption.

The political environment in Europe and Africa makes the sustainability approach seem like a dream. Everything looks clear on the sustainability index map; we see every country working for a better score. There is no doubt that acting together generates impact in the long term; however, we cannot deny that there are uncontrollable factors working against sustainability, such as climate change and negatives political issues.

As a conclusion, companies working in every country to meet the standards of sustainability can lead to increased employment opportunities. We try to observe how other countries behave; however, we cannot control their performance and influence at the regional level. I think the concept has a chance to survive the next few generations; so far, people believe it works!

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