Communication and marketing

Marketing & Communications studies in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands I am following the study HBO marketing & communications at Schouten & Nelissen University of Applied Sciences, Suas. My programme has a mix of coaching, self study and formal classroom in Utrecht at the Business Center Nederland BCN. For my certification, I have to write three documents in Dutch language. The first …

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report 2023

Highlights: Emissions Gap report 2023

A calling for all nations to accelerate economy-wide, low-carbon development transformations. Global GHG emissions reached a record high of 57.4 GtCO2e in 2022, growing by 1.2 per cent (0.6 GtCO2e) from the previous year. Fossil CO2 emissions account for approximately two thirds of current GHG emissions using 100-year global warming potentials. According to multiple datasets, …

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Adaptation Gap report 2023

Studies indicate that US$16 billion invested in agriculture per year would prevent about 78 million people from starving or chronic hunger because of climate change impacts. Climate extremes are already causing significant loss and damage, and this trend will continue despite even the most effective adaptation and well before anticipated limits to adaptation have been …

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Dutch Design Week part 3: Space farming

Today I visited Evoluon to see the space farm exhibition. I saw a combination of reality and fiction. The reality was the journey into space and the experience of astronomer André Kuipers on the space station. He explained what it was like to live in space and that in the beginning; he got sick and …

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Dutch Climate Scenarios

The Koninklijke Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut, KNMI, has recently published four climate scenarios for the Netherlands. Those scenarios are the result of the levels of emissions which are low or high. The key figures are the numbers for an average climate change in a period of 30 years. The variables used are nine: temperature, sea level, …

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